Monday, December 1, 2008


i think i have opened up far too many blogs for the past month. but when it comes down to it, i still feel absurdly stuck to write and pour out what i want to say. no, sometimes, what i really need to get out of my system. do you know how arghhh it is? and how grrrrr it can get?? yah. it's seriously killing my brain cells and mood every time i try to share something through writing these days. i'm seriously considering vlogging instead. if only i had the means to do so. wait, i can record videos through my phone. and then...i just need to get that wire thing or something, no? yes? maybe. we'll see.

okay, that was full of blabber. i guess since i'm here, i'll direct you to my other pages which at least has more beneficial reading content than what you've just witness here. ;p

try my tumblelog at

ma'assalama :D

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